I’m a French guy born in 1988, the year the film They Live by John Carpenter and the album Blood Fire Death by Bathory were released.

I studied English for three years, then digital arts for two, and business administration for one, because I thought my resume would look too hippie otherwise, and I would never get a job.

I did get a job after that, as a project manager in a web agency, but it wasn’t the right fit for me, so I quit and wrote BLOCUS TOTAL, a novel about teenagers blocking their high school and fighting the government.

Once it was done, I had to figure out what was next. I went living in Istanbul for three months and I discovered that I wanted to travel more. So I went to Hungary, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway. I lived in Spain for 7 months, then 2 more months in Iceland, where I discovered I wanted to make more art.

So here I am, and right now I’m writing my second novel and doing lightpainting photography.